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Band Notes

Band Notes 3/4 to 3/10

I am so incredibly proud of our program and the work these students are doing. Sure, we can keep refining our rehearsal process and our focus & discipline, but these students are working hard to sounding terrific and take pride in the quality of our product. Kudos to all the Wind Ensemble students for your work Saturday at CWU WindFest, especially the incredible progress you made during my week long absence. I have to remind myself of that progress when I think about the music you shared on Saturday! Thanks again to Matt & Kori Baker, and Lisa Forsyth for chaperoning the trip, and thanks to Amanda Short for making this trip happen for students that had multiple activities going on!

I'll be in touch with some/all of you in the next couple of weeks to ensure we are all on the same page with our traveler list before we officially purchase airline tickets.

Don't forget to check the calendar for the month of March - things get busy!

THIS WEEK - We have a free week in March - WHAT???? - YEEHAW!

We are doing pretty well with our So Cal fees! With that said, I'll be in touch with a few folks this week via email about that tough decision to release seats, or pay by the end of the week. (We have north of $100,000 in payments due next week).


  • Monday, March 11, 6pm - So Cal Chaperone Meeting #1

  • Tuesday, March 12 -  

    • Yearbook photos during classes (yes we will be changing into our formal wear. Please bring clothing that is form fitting and allows for quick change. Don't forget BLACK DRESS SHOES!!)

    • Bandwagon Meeting, 7pm

  • Thursday, March 14 to Friday, March 15 - U of Montana Buddy De Franco Jazz Fest

    • Thursday departure after 1st lunch, return Friday approx. 11pm.

    • Stay tuned for itinerary and performance times (schedules have not been released).

  • Wednesday, March 20 - Noodle Express Dine Out

  • Thursday, March 21 -

    • SFMEA Band Fest @ Ferris (likely during the school day)

    • Jazz Bands Concert @ MHS

  • Friday, March 22 - Mead Jazz Fest Setup

  • Saturday, March 23 - Mead Jazz Fest

  • Monday, March 25, 5:30pm to 7:30pm - Symphonic Band and 4th Period Percussion rehearsal

  • Wednesday, March 27 - Festival Concert

  • Saturday, March 30 - SPRING BREAK!


One BIG thing we'll need help with is our Mead Jazz Festival. Although it's not quite as large of fundraiser as the marching band show, it is a great one with a lot of bands from around Eastern WA in attendance. We're up to 30 bands in attendance and love to show them how great our program is at hosting these events!

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