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Rob Lewis

Director of Bands

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Brandon Campbell

Marching Band Director

We are happy to welcome you to the Mead High School Band and Color Guard!  Whether you are in 8th grade or new to the area, Mead High School is a very special place full of exciting experiences, opportunities, and learning for students, parents, friends, and family! 


Our most important message is ….get involved and stay in music!  The memories and friendships you build in high school will stay with you forever and music will shape who you become as an adult.

Please take a moment to look through the videos below.  They are incredibly valuable in giving guidance, encouragement, and inspiration for parents and students as they make important decisions about their future! 

Contact us with any questions or concerns! We are excited to get to share these amazing experiences with you!

Stay In Music HS: Parent Video
Mead SD Marching Band 2018
This is Mead - Music


incoming 9th grade

Do I Get Credit For Band?

Yes! Band satisfies the one-year fine arts requirement for graduation. By enrolling in band, you get an opportunity to really see what high school band is like and also fulfill this requirement for graduation. Beginning in fall of 2020, color guard will not be for credit and will be an extra-curricular component of the program.

Will I Make Any Friends?

Being a member of a music ensemble also ensures instant acceptance in a respected organization at the onset of the freshman year. Strong friendships are formed that create a stable foundation for the beginning of high school. Incredible musical performances, great travel opportunities and building life-long friendships are just the tip of the iceberg!

What about A.P., World Language, S.T.E.M.?

Most of our students take 2 to 3 years of world language, and many participate in advanced placement courses, S.T.E.M. etc. Let us and your counselors know your needs and we'll figure it out! Everyone has a unique situation that we'd love to help you with.

Can We Afford It?

Yes! Our program prides itself on offering many fundraiser opportunities to help you pay for all of your band and color guard needs. Keep in mind the cost will vary greatly on the number of activities/ensembles you elect to participate in.

Will My Grades Suffer?

As most of you know, there are numerous studies that indicate students involved in music tend to score higher on national and state standardized tests (SAT, etc. Many of our students are headed to major universities; UW, WSU, Gonzaga, Whitworth, Stanford, and Yale among the recent. In fact, over the past few years our band program has been awarded the W.I.A.A. Academic Championship for the highest GPA in the state among 4A bands 2 times, 2nd place in 2019/2020. Our program has at least 1 MHS valedictorian every year for many, many consecutive years! In 2023, 4 of the 6 subjects for Spokane Scholars representatives were awarded to band students. These students are the academic leaders of our school in Fine Arts, World Language, Science, Math, English, and Social Studies. Bravo!!

Is High School Frightening?

No! well.. maybe :D The continuation of familiar activities with all of your band and color guard friends will help you feel welcomed and be successful.

Will I Be Super Busy?

Maybe :D There are many levels of involvement that can be taken on. Some students choose to participate only in the concert ensembles aspect of the program, which is largely a similar schedule to middle school. On the other hand, many students become involved with multiple aspects of the program such as the concert ensembles, jazz ensembles, marching band, etc. Whatever your needs may be, there is a level of involvement for you and your busy life!

Can I Play Sports?

Yes! Each year nearly half of our band students are involved in school or club sports! If you are in a Fall sport, marching band can be very difficult. See us with your specific questions!

Should I Do Marching Band?

Yes! Believe it or not, marching band tends to be the highlight of the year for most of the students involved. The team environment, competitive spirit, fun activities, and travel keeps students coming back each session and having a rewarding experience. Marching Band combines incredible musical experiences with the physical demand, excitement and exhilaration of athletics to create an incredible, unforgettable performance. Oh yeah.. it's nothing like the Jr. Lilac Parade.

How Do I Register?

Keep in simple! Let your counselor know that you would like to have band on your schedule. We'll take care of placing you in the correct class based on auditions and the instrument you play. Stay tuned in April and May for audition material.

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