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Band Notes

Band Notes 11/27 to 12/3

Happy Sunday eve to everyone! I certainly hope you all had an incredible week enjoying time with family, friends, resting, or whatever you chose to to! I personally spent the week enjoying a bit of all those things; Thanksgiving dinner #1 with mom, a couple different west side hikes, Thanksgiving dinner #2 with friends, Seahawks game and Apple Cup!

THIS WEEK - 11/27 to 12/3

  • Beleive it or not - there's nothing scheduled for band events or actities after school! (what?? :D)

  • In class for the next couple of weeks we'll be working on our music for the Winter Holiday concert on 12/14.

  • PLEASE practice! It is amazing what we can accomplish as people when we spend some time working on a skill! Any, and every, sports team would credit a huge part of their success to the individuals that spend tim strengthening and developing individual skill. It is no different in our activity! The constant attention to improving your individual abilities outside of our group rehearsals makes US a much better band!


  • December 14 - ALL BANDS Holiday Concert at Mead HS Theatre, 7pm

    • Rehearsals for this holiday concert on 12/11 and 12/13

    • Pre concert dinner - Check out THIS LINK to RSVP for our pre concert dinner! This is an awesome community builder and provided by the Bandwagon!


  • Solo/Ensemble contest is February 3rd; registrations happen soon.

    • Required for Wind Ensemble (part assignments will be coming out soon),

    • Required for Advanced Percussion (Blur),

    • Optional for Intermediate Percussion (will decide as a group).

    • Optional for Symphonic Band students (let me know if you want to participate)

  • Missing assignments - don't forget if you've missed assignments such as concert performances, community service, baked goods, etc, it is the responsibility of the student to check with me on ways to make these up.

  • Basketball Pep Band - always a student favorite (fun music, indoors, etc :D). Keep on the lookout for signups to ensure we have the instrumentation needed to keep this a volunteer activity! We will likely begin paying at games in January; after the winter break.

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