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Band Notes

Band Notes 1/22 to 1/28

Here we are - entering finals week! Our MHS schedule for finals does make for a little less stress for testing with Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday having just 2 classes per day (3 if you have jazz band :D). Bet of luck to everyone, and don't forget to check the schedule for the week!

Band End of Semester

A lot of students ask "What's our final in band?" During our finals classes in band, we will have group rehearsal and some time to check in on grades & assignments. Our last assignment is the two-octave chromatic scale that has been open for completion for a couple of weeks (record and upload to Google folder). Don't forget to also touch base with me about anything else in PowerSchool that needs attention; Community Service, Makeup Assignments, etc. It is absolutely my hope and goal that everyone has earned an A in band!

Pep Band Game Added - 2/2

Our pep band is AWESOME! So fun to hear the positive excitement and appreciation from our MHS administration, basketball coaches, basketball players and even students from visiting schools (shout out to NC students; they were awesome!).

Our players and coaches have asked us (pleaded actually :D) to be present at the February 2nd home game against G-Prep. They are energized and love the little bit of distraction it adds to the game creating that home field advantage. Please put that date on your calendar!

Chaperone Application - 2nd Semester (excluding So Cal)

Interested in helping chaperone some of our 2nd semester events? Check out the events and dates on the chaperone application. CLICK HERE. We'll close that up on February 1st and reach out for additional help as needed after that date.


  • Friday, January 26 - Basketball Pep Band, 5pm report, MHS

  • Tuesday, January 30 - Basketball Pep Band, 5pm report, MHS

  • Thursday, February 1- Solo & Ensemble Recital (select students TBA)

    • This is not a required event but an opportunity for many of our SFMEA S&E participants to get in a dress rehearsal of their music.

  • Friday, February 2 - Basketball Pep Band, 5pm report, MHS

  • Saturday, February 3 - Solo & Ensemble Regional Contest @ Rogers HS

  • Tuesday, February 6 - Basketball Pep Band, 5pm report, MHS



I shared with the classes that our budget for the So Cal trip currently comes in at $175K and some change (these numbers will fluctuate some based on final roster and some other figures that are a little fluid such as fuel prices for the semi, etc).

We currently have student fees collected just under $60K which means we are about one-third of the way. Those fees definitely need to start rolling in!! We are into mid January which puts that March 1st  date just about 7 weeks away. Let's get that money ball rolling!

Want to help someone someone? Several parents have asked about helping students other than your own. If you are able to pay your student's full trip amount, and would like to help someone else, the simplest way is to make a deposit to their account with our ASB bookkeeper. Let her know the name of the student and that it is for the So Cal trip. You could even send a check with a note including the information. If you don't know a student in need, you could make a generic payment to the Band ASB with details for it to be deposited to the So Cal trip. Thank you so much for your generosity!!

Need help? Do you need help and are NOT a House Bill qualifier? Absolutely pay as much as you can and please communicate with Mr. Lewis about your need to ensure we can use our resources to help as much as we can. Qualify for House Bill?  Absolutely pay as much as you can and get to fundraisers. Help us help you to ensure this trip is not cancelled!

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