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Band Notes

November 6 - 13

Good Evening, Veterans Day Week ahead - Thank you to all of you who have served! What a fun week last week with state send-offs, a playoff football game, and the closure of the very successful marching band season at the awards night on Thursday! Lots to check out when you get a chance!

  1. Craft Fair Week - spread the word through your social media outlets!

  2. Schedule for This Week

  3. Looking ahead at holiday rehearsals and events

  4. Performance Attire - copy from earlier email

1 - CRAFT FAIR It is CRAFT FAIR WEEK! Thank you to all of the parents helping organize this event and the students and parents that have signed up to help! Student Shifts The students have signed up in person during classes - I will update THIS LINK in the next couple of days for everyone to reference their shift schedule. For now, students can use the sign-ups that are hanging in the band office window that they personally signed up on. Adult Shifts Adults, parents, guardians - Sign up HERE to volunteer for the craft fair. This also includes signing up to help Monday morning (tomorrow) to put up yard signs around North Spokane to advertise the craft fair. Craft Fair Bake Sale

One of the most anticipated parts of the craft fair is the bake sale! Band families provide baked items, and all proceeds are added to the overall funds raised at this event. We ask that all items donated are wrapped individually (small items can be bundled in groups of 2-3), and noted with what the item is, and any common allergens noted (Nuts, Egg, Dairy, Wheat). All baked goods are welcome – even store bought! Cookies, Cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, donuts, sweet breads, even whole pies (we’ll sell as a whole pie). Please drop off your items either Friday evening (3:30pm – 9pm) during setup or Saturday morning by between 8am -10am. Credit for Community Service on this one will also be awarded!


  • Monday 11/7

    • Poinsettia orders are due! Carrie Babcock will be in to pick up orders

    • Reminder - no dress rehearsal for Wind Ensemble (concert and rehearsal canceled)

  • Tuesday 11/8

    • Bandwagon Meeting, 7pm, MHS Band Room

    • Reminder - no concert for Wind Ensemble

  • Wednesday 11/9

  • Thursday 11/10

  • Friday 11/11 - Veterans Day

    • No School

    • Craft Fair Set Up

  • Saturday 11/12

    • Craft fair

      • Open from 9am to 5pm, MHS Mall, Gym, Field House

      • Check shift schedule for your time to work; thank you!

  • Sunday 11/13

    • Craft fair

      • Open from 10am to 4pm, MHS Mall, Gym, Field House

      • Check shift schedule for your time to work; thank you!


  • Tuesday 11/22 - Jazz Concert, 7pm, MHS Theatre

    • All Jazz 1 and Jazz 2

  • Tuesday 12/6 - Basketball Pep Band, report 5pm

    • Sign ups for this group coming soon in class

  • Thursday 12/8 - Dress Rehearsal for Dec. Concert

    • ALL band and percussion members

  • Friday 12/9 - Basketball Pep Band

  • Monday 12/12 - Dress Rehearsal for Dec. Concert

    • ALL band and percussion members

  • Tuesday 12/13 - Winter/Holiday Band Concert

4 - PERFORMANCE ATTIRE; WHAT TO WEAR FOR CONCERTS Student performers in the Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band 1 groups will be wearing school provided tuxedos and/or dresses. These students will need to find nice dress shoes and black socks to wear along with the tux/dress. Please wear closed-toed shoes! Students performing in the Symphonic Band and Jazz Band 2 will need to acquire concert attire. These students will need to wear black dress shoes and socks, black dress pants (not jeans), and a black long-sleeved button up collared shirt, OR a dress. All attire must be school appropriate. If students choose to wear a dress or skirt, they must extend beyond the knees while sitting.

We do have some extras and a crew of folks willing to help out if you are in need of financial assistance acquiring these items - just let me know privately! Our goal is for EVERYONE on stage to look appropriate and professional for our concerts. Additionally, our music and sounds should be the focus of the event!

EXAMPLES - Below are some links to items that are appropriate for Symphonic Band and Jazz 2. These links could also be used to purchase items if you are in need.

DRESSES Black, long skirt CLICK HERE Black, medium length skirt CLICK HERE Black concert dress (same as Wind Ensemble students are wearing) CLICK HERE SHIRT and PANTS Female cut, black, long sleeve button down shirt CLICK HERE Female cut, black, business casual pants CLICK HERE Men's long-sleeve button down CLICK HERE Men's dress pants CLICK HERE

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