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Band Notes

October 31 - November 6

Hey Everyone! Here's an early edition to the weekly BandNotes. Good luck to our Marching Band and Color Guard on their fun/competitive journey to Hillsboro! [CONGRATS ON A JOB WELL DONE!]

Way to go at the assembly on Thursday this week! Wow did you all play really, really well!!!. My ears were ringing for a solid hour or so after listening. CRAFT FAIR Craft Fair is just around the corner! Thank you to all of the parents helping organize this event! Check out THIS LINK for STUDENT shifts at the event. We heavily rely on students and parents to make this a success! Students will also receive Community Service credit! For now - just take a look at the shifts you'd like to work. Next week in classes we'll sign up! That link can also be used for referencing what you signed up for if you should forget (it'll also be posted on the window of the band office) Craft Fair Bake Sale: One of the most anticipated parts of the craft fair is the bake sale! Band families provide baked items, and all proceeds are added to the overall funds raised at this event. We ask that all items donated are wrapped individually (small items can be bundled in groups of 2-3), and noted with what the item is, and any common allergens noted (Nuts, Egg, Dairy, Wheat). All baked goods are welcome – even store bought! Cookies, Cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, donuts, sweet breads, even whole pies (we’ll sell as a whole pie). Please drop off your items either Friday evening (3:30pm – 9pm) during setup or Saturday morning by between 8am -10am. Credit for Community Service on this one will also be awarded! Parent Sign Up will be coming as a Sign Up Genius link from the Bandwagon, our booster club. Please let me know if you are not getting emails from them ( And thank you so much in advance for donating some time to this annual fundraiser! CHOCOLATE SALES & POINSETTIA SALES The Bandwagon will be sending out more information about these two fundraisers for the band and guard students. Keep on the lookout for that information sometime next week (10/31 to 11/5). THIS WEEK

  • Monday 10/31 - Happy Halloween

    • Be safe out there!

  • Tuesday 11/1

    • Wake up feeling sick from too much candy

    • Craft Fair Sign Up - Seniors

  • Wednesday 11/2

    • Craft Fair Sign Up - Juniors

  • Thursday 11/3

    • Craft Fair Sign Up - Sophomores

    • MBCG Pictures and Awards Performance, MHS

      • stay tuned for report times for pics, etc from Mr. Campbell

  • Friday 11/4

    • Craft Fair Sign Up - Freshman

  • Saturday 11/5

    • Playoff football! Stay tuned for more information.

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