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Band Notes 22/23

March 6 to 12


Another awesome performance by our group in Ellensburg at the CWU Windfest. Wonderful praise from our adjudicators that included Dr. T. Angré Feagin of CWU and Dr. Andrea Brown from the University of Maryland. I truly hope these inspiring performances motivate you to become an even better musician and that you realize the inspiration and influence you have on all those you perform for!

Thanks so much to all of you for your efforts and commitment to the details and level of musicianship we are pursuing. It ultimately creates and incredible experience for our audiences and ourselves!

Thank you to our chaperones Carrie Babcock, Kori & Matt Baker, and Mark Rodewald! They were incredible in supporting our students (and me :D).

Thank you to our friends and peers (and my own kiddo) from Ridgeline HS, and other schools from our state in supporting our performances! It was so great to share music with students also interested in band!


Anyone interested in making a couple of this items for us?! The pictured version is using 1" x4" would that is better-served built from hard wood, and another version with 2"x 4". You can see handles as well as a hinged connection at the base. They can be 18" to 24" in length.

MEAD JAZZ FEST VOLUNTEER SHIFTS - Parents and students!!

Our highly regarded jazz festival is just around the corner - we'll need help from many, many of you in making this the successful event it has become.

Stay tuned for a first draft of our volunteer shifts!


  • March 14, 7pm - Bandwagon Meeting - Mead Jazz Fest Focus!

  • March 16 to 17 - U of Montana Jazz Festival

  • See the page for more info (itinerary soon!)

  • March 23, 7pm - Jazz Band Concert

  • March 24, 3pm to 7pm - Mead Jazz Fest Set Up (Volunteers needed!)

  • March 25 - Mead Jazz Fest (Volunteers needed!)

  • CLICK HERE for itinerary

  • March 27, 5:00pm - Symphonic Band Dress Rehearsal

  • March 28, 7:00pm - Band Concert (Festival Concert)

  • March 29, 8am to 3pm @ Ferris HS - SFMEA Large Group Band Festival

  • CLICK HERE for itinerary

  • April 1 to 9 - SPRING BREAK (well deserved!!)

  • April 11, 5:30pm to 8pm - Seattle Band Rehearsal

  • April 13 to 16 - Seattle Heritage Festival trip

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