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Band Notes

March 27 to April 9

Good Evening/Monday Morning Everyone!

Please let me offer this huge, heartfelt, genuine, THANK YOU to everyone that helped with our incredible Mead Jazz Festival held over the weekend. This festival is a wonderful ambassador of our program and the amazing parents and students that make it all happen; musicians statewide know us, love us!

At the conclusion of this busy week, like many of you, I hope to unplug for a week or so to rest and recharge over spring break. Please enjoy your time off when spring break hits on Friday about 3pm :D

See you all at the concert on Tuesday night!

SFMEA BandFest on Wednesday

We are currently scheduled to be at Ferris HS on Wednesday of this week from the start of the school day until about 2:30pm. Please stay tuned for updated information as we are working through some busing details across the buildings and programs in our district. If there are no updates posted to the BandApp or through emails, we'll move forward with our current itinerary POSTED HERE and to our site.

  • Symphonic Band performs at 10:00am (clinic following)

  • Wind Ensemble performs at 11:30am (clinic following)

YES! Please come watch and listen - admission is FREE!

Seattle Heritage Festival Trip

More details to come as times are released for our museum reservations.

Plan for at least 2 meals per day at mid range fast food locations, grocery stores, etc. - likely approx $100 needed for meals.


    • Thursday 4/13 - depart for Seattle after school (dinner in Ellensburg)

    • Friday 4/14 - Performance day @ Auburn Performing Arts Center

      • Combined "tour" concert band - 11:05am

      • Jazz Band - 12:15pm

      • Blaze Percussion Ensemble - 2:00pm

      • Evening activities TBA

    • Saturday 4/15 - Activities Day (museums, etc), Festival Awards Evening

    • Sunday 4/16 - Hotel Check Out, Drive Home


  • Monday 3/27, 5pm to 8pm - Symphonic Band and Percussion combo rehearsal

    • Those involved in "Coffee House" are okay to be at our rehearsal until approx. 6:15pm

  • Tuesday 3/28, 7pm, MHS - Festival Band Concert

  • Wednesday 3/29, school hours - SFMEA Band Festival at Ferris HS

  • Saturday 4/1 to 4/9 - Spring Break


  • Thursday 4/13 to Sunday 4/16 - Seattle Trip

  • Saturday 4/22 - U of Idaho Jazz Festival

  • Friday 4/28 & Saturday 4/29 - WIAA/WMEA Solo & Ensemble Festival

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