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Band Notes

January 23 to 29

Good evening everyone! We are about to wrap up the 1st half of the year with the end of the 1st semester coming this Friday; can you believe it?

Thanks to everyone that turned out for the pep band game on Friday night, another very fun night watching the band have fun and listening to them get better and better. The basketball teams were both winners which helped make the night that much more enjoyable!


  • Monday 1/23 - normal bell schedule

  • Tuesday 1/24

    • Finals Bell Schedule - Periods 1 & 4

    • Jazz 1 rehearses at 1:30pm to 2:30pm

    • Jazz 2 rehearses normal zero hour

    • Basketball Pep Band - 5pm

  • Wednesday 1/25

    • Finals Bell Schedule - Periods 2 & 5

    • Jazz 1 rehearses at 1:30pm to 2:30pm

    • Jazz 2 rehearses normal zero hour

  • Thursday 1/26 - Depart for Clark College!

    • Finals Bell Schedule - Periods 3 & 6

    • Jazz 1 rehearses normal zero hour

    • Jazz 2 rehearses normal zero hour

    • Depart for Clark College Jazz Festival


Check the page for the most current information about this festival - we leave Thursday after school!


The SFMEA (Spokane Falls Music Educators Association) regional solo & ensemble contest is on February 4th at Shadle Park HS. Our Wind Ensemble and percussion students are involved in this event, along with a couple of Symphonic Band members. Check out the information below!

CLICK HERE for some basic information (who, what, when, where, etc)

CLICK HERE for student assignments (who's in what group)

Click the document below for the schedule published by our SFMEA "league"


Solo Ensemble Sched v Jan 23 1105
Download PDF • 188KB


Chaperones have been selected for our trips and other events for the rest of the year. Those selected should have an email from Carrie Babcock with some additional information/tasks. Please email her at if you have questions.

Thank you to everyone that filled out the application - our apologies to those we were not able to assign a trip to!


February Bandwagon Meeting - this meeting will now be held on February 7th to move off of Valentine's Day and to avoid availability conflicts.

WSU WindBand Festival - Our performance day for the WSU WindBand Festival is Friday, February 24th. This is a date for the Wind Ensemble members that originally was listed as Feb 23 or 24. The festival has scheduled us for 24th at 10:10AM. Stay tuned for a more detailed itinerary

Graduation - Graduation has been confirmed to be on Friday, June 9th at 5:00pm. This was originally posted as the 9th or 10th. This means that there are no Saturday band plans/requirements.


At this point we are capping registration for this trip and reducing to a single bus. This will be a fun trip with performances and a lot of educational activities!

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