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Band Notes

February 6 to 12



    • Don't forget to have your concert attire with you!

  • Booster club meeting - 7pm MHS Band Room, all parents invited!


Great work to everyone that performed today! Once again, Mead Band had an awesome showing; lots of state qualifiers as winners and alternates. Additionally, LOTS and LOTS of blue ribbon ratings!

Incredible work today, everyone!

REGIONAL CHAMPS - Automatic State Qualifiers

  • Nick Kar - Tenor Sax

  • Bruce Redden - Tuba

  • Hannah Robbins - Oboe

  • "Peace Messengers" - Ash Blair, Ethan Johnson, Misa McKenna, Bruce Redden - Small Brass Ensemble

  • "Your Local Farmers" - Madison Allen, Danielle Beauchemin, Nick Kar, Lindsay Leo, Hannah Robbins - Large Woodwind Ensemble

2ND - 4TH PLACE - Alternates to State

  • Teghan Bright - 2nd Place, Soprano Sax

  • Ashley Conner - 2nd Place, Bassoon

  • Abigail DeWinter - 3rd Place, Alto Sax

  • Lila Gamero - 2nd Place, Clarinet

  • Isaac Ojennus - 2nd Place, Oboe

  • Will Strauch - 2nd Place, Trombone

  • Sam Wisenor - 2nd Place, Horn

  • "Blaze" - 2nd Place Large Percussion - Rory Beplate, Allison Child, Quinn Fuller, Jake Gendreau, Josh Greenland, Colin McKenna, Geegee Schulberg, Katherine Selby

  • "Car Chasers" - 2nd Place, Small Woodwind - Danielle Beauchemin, Nick Kar, Lindsay Leo, Hannah Robbins

  • "Furious Five" - 2nd Place, Large Brass Ensemble - Madison Allen, Hadeon Pawluk, Bruce Redden, Will Strauch, Faith Willard

  • "In The Sky" - 4th Place, Large Percussion Ensemble - Isaac Armstrong, Maddax Batt, Hayden Beck, Ivy Brauner, Ashton Daniel, Dietrich Huber, Oban Jensen, Alina LeBlanc, Izzy Myers, Carlynn Perley, Ben Trotz

  • "Plasticalica" - 3rd Place, Small Brass Ensemble - Brodie Birr, Sam Garrett, Ian Scott, Kenny Wright

  • "The Wolf Gang" - 2nd Place, Large Woodwind Ensemble - Elijah Kennedy-Gibbens, Madison McKinney, Isaac Ojennus, Abbi Schmutz, Sam Wisenor


  • Kate Phillips - Flute

  • Abbi Schmutz - Flute

  • Aerial Valerians - Small Brass Ensemble - Valin Gabriel, Asher Wynne

  • Curly Fries - Small Brass Ensemble - Madison Allen, Anna Wiedman, Sam Wisenor, Haidyn Utigard

  • D&J Dance Factory - Small Brass Ensemble - Jack Rodewald, Delaney Utigard

  • Duoboes - Small Woodwind Ensemble - Isaac Ojennus, Hannah Robbins


Room assignments will need to take place this week! (Monday thru Thursday)

Performance ensemble update - due to the large change in attending students, we are likely reducing to 2 performing groups - one combined concert band of all attending students (similar to our Disney trips) and our advanced percussion ensemble (Blaze personnel). See below for a list of our instrumentation and part assignments for the concert band setting.

Seattle Roster - Part Assignments
Download PDF • 44KB

Check this list for attending students, listed by gender for room assignments.

Seattle Roster by gender for Room Assignments
Download PDF • 28KB

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