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Band Notes

February 27 to March 5


What an awesome day we had at WSU on Friday attending the WSU WindBand Fest. Although it was a chilly day to start, the sun came out for our lunch run which capped off a great performance and incredible clinic conducted by Pat Vandehey, retired band director from high schools in the Portland area, George Fox and Portland State University.

I was so impressed by the attentiveness and willingness of our students to explore the deeper levels of our music and move beyond just the notes and rhythms on the page. I believe most of our students were moved by the beauty they created; I certainly had a couple tears at times, and noticed our clinician even had a few!

Thank you to Mr. Rodewald and Mrs. Babcock for chaperoning on Friday helping us move around through the cold and not leaving any belongings, etc. THANK YOU!


In just 4 weeks, we will be hosting 42 high school and middle school bands from around our state! Please take a close look at your calendar and consider volunteering some time to help this be yet another successful run and to continue the tremendous reputation our festival has developed over the years - there's a reason we have so many, and so many that are repeat participants!

Students involved in our jazz program are required to help run this festival - start setting aside a few hours on Friday for setup shifts and/or Saturday shifts to help run the festival.

THIS WEEK - we move into March this week; can you believe it??

Most notable for this week is the CWU WindFest on Saturday 3/4. Related to that event, I am going to cancel the Tuesday and Thursday rehearsals for Wind Ensemble and Percussion that are scheduled for this week.

  • Tuesday 2/28

    • Wind Ens & 3rd Period Percussion Rehearsal canceled!

  • Wednesday 3/1

    • Jazz Bands - $ for U of Montana Jazz Festival is due

  • Thursday 3/2

    • Wind Ens & 3rd Period Percussion Rehearsal canceled!

  • Saturday 3/4

    • Wind Ensemble and 3rd Period Percussion to CWU

    • CLICK HERE for itinerary (also on

Don't forget to check out for more information about our upcoming events (itineraries, etc)


  • U of Montana Buddy De Franco Jazz Festival - March 16 & 17

  • Jazz Concert @ MHS - March 23, 7pm

  • Mead Jazz Fest @ MHS - March 25 (set up on March 24)

  • Band Concert "Festival Concert" @ MHS - March 28, 7pm

  • SFMEA Band Fest @ Ferris HS, March 29 OR 30, school hours

REGISTRATION (also posted last week)

CLICK HERE for an "in-house registration" that will help us plan for next year!

As registration rolls around in the next week or so, please consider continuing your involvement in our program. Whether you're planning on making music a part of your life, or participating as a nice break from your book-type classes, there's a level of involvement for you! Stay tuned for info after Spring Break for announcements regarding a Special Event Trip in Spring of 2024!

Most importantly, as you've heard me say - be comfortable in your own skin and advocate for yourself. These years can be difficult and "judgy" from your peers. Embrace what you like to do, your friends respect you for who you are and what your interests are!

Check in with me if you have questions about scheduling or other items.

Can you go to college and take band? YES!

Can you play sports and be in band? YES!

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