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Band Notes

November 14 - 20

Happy Sunday Everyone! Thank you for another great week - The craft fair was a huge success! Thank you so much to our student and parent volunteers - Special shout out to Kori Baker, Gemma Bright, Lana Fleming, April LaRoque, and Mark Rodewald for their incredible efforts. And to our students - we received so many compliments about how incredibly helpful and kind you were. THAT is something to be proud of! Have a great week! In this week's edition -

  1. Basketball Pep Band

  2. Seattle Trip Information

  3. Jazz Concert November 22

  4. Winter Concert and associated rehearsals (See concert attire below)

I have also started a page of our website dedicated to more information about our events and trips (concerts and such). Please check that out at I will continue to add information as those get closer and more details are known. 1 - Basketball Pep Band With the wrap up of the craft fair, we begin the winter sports season. That means basketball games are just around the corner. Basketball pep band is a very fun environment; warm inside the gym, fun pep band music, and friends to hang out with! It also provides a great way of playing more which improves your reading skills and chops a ton! SIGN UP HERE. Pep band is optional/not a required activity. 2 - SEATTLE TRIP INFO You may or may not have heard the rumblings about a trip to Seattle in April. I'll forgo going into details in this email. Please CLICK HERE for more information and to complete an interest and PRE trip registration. Feel free to ask any additional questions you might have! 3 - JAZZ CONCERT - NOVEMBER 22, 7pm Both our MHS Jazz 1 and Jazz 2 will be hitting the stage on November 22. Please join us!

Free Admission Required for jazz band members Concert attire is required.

Student report time is 6:30pm

4 - WINTER BAND CONCERT - DECEMBER 13 We are excited to present a bit of a new format to our holiday concert! Prior to the concert, we will be having a dinner social event for our students, families & friends! Stay tuned for times and more information!

Concert Info Free Admission Required for all band members Concert attire is required. Student report time is 6:30pm

Rehearsals for Winter Concert - Dec. 8 & Dec. 12

6:30pm to 8:30pm for ALL band members. Concert attire is not needed for these rehearsals.

OLD NEWS PERFORMANCE ATTIRE; WHAT TO WEAR FOR CONCERTS Student performers in the Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band 1 groups will be wearing school provided tuxedos and/or dresses. These students will need to find nice dress shoes and black socks to wear along with the tux/dress. Please wear closed-toed shoes! Students performing in the Symphonic Band and Jazz Band 2 will need to acquire concert attire. These students will need to wear black dress shoes and socks, black dress pants (not jeans), and a black long-sleeved button up collared shirt, OR a dress. All attire must be school appropriate. If students choose to wear a dress or skirt, they must extend beyond the knees while sitting. We do have some extras and a crew of folks willing to help out if you are in need of financial assistance acquiring these items - just let me know privately! Our goal is for EVERYONE on stage to look appropriate and professional for our concerts. Additionally, our music and sounds should be the focus of the event! EXAMPLES - Below are some links to items that are appropriate for Symphonic Band and Jazz 2. These links could also be used to purchase items if you are in need. DRESSES Black, long skirt CLICK HERE Black, medium length skirt CLICK HERE Black concert dress (same as Wind Ensemble students are wearing) CLICK HERE SHIRT and PANTS Female cut, black, long sleeve button down shirt CLICK HERE Female cut, black, business casual pants CLICK HERE Men's long-sleeve button down CLICK HERE Men's dress pants CLICK HERE

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