Color Guard

About The Guard


The Mead High School Color Guard is an integral and critical part of the Mead High School Marching Band.  They create a large portion of the visual interest and effect of our show.  

Performance opportunities include travel to marching band competitions, varsity home football games, school assemblies, stage performances and community events.

The Color Guard class is offered 1st and 2nd semester and is considered a 1 year class. Every member of the color guard must be enrolled in the class and additionally, only members of the color guard are enrolled in this class.  Class time will be spent learning and "cleaning" choreography related to the marching band production and developing skills related to the color guard activity.  There are also required after school rehearsals that take place during the months of September and October.  In August the group has a 2 week band camp (two rehearsals per day).  The group also rehearses on a couple of Saturdays in the month of September.

Beginning in the month of November students will begin to develop their own creative skills as they are asked to choreograph a 3 to 5 minute production using the skills and vocabulary they have learned.  This production will be showcased during a recital to be held in the Mead HS Theatre in January.

Rehearsal Information


Dress Code


  • Shirt straps must be at least 1" thick

  • Shorts must be longer than your fingertips when your arms are resting at your side

  • Sports bras are preferred

  • Hair must be up, this includes bangs pinned up.

  • Tennis shoes must be worn to every rehearsal.  The shoes must tie or velcro.  Please use athletic or work out-type shoes.  Do not wear slip on shoes or flip flops.

Items to Bring to Rehearsal


  • Water - and lots of it!  Most people find the gallon size insulated coolers to be the best!

  • Any equipment that you have checked out in your name, otherwise we are not guaranteed to have enough for everyone.

  • Sunscreen - We will be outside most days for extended amounts of time.

  • Sunglasses, hat and/or visor.  Squinting in the sun is not a good look for anyone :)


Items to Purchase


There are a few basic items needed in addition to the season marching band fees (travel, provided food, warm ups, etc.).  Additional information about season fees is released at the annual information meeting in June.


Guard Specific Items - Please obtain the following items on your own:


  • Black Jazz Shoes.  These can be purchased at Empire Dance in downtown Spokane or most dance shops online.

  • A roll of electrical tape.  If your last name starts with A thru L, please buy white electrical tape, M thru Z buy black electrical tape.

  • ASB Card - One time purchase each year.  This covers any activity that requires and ASB Card such as school dances, athletic events, etc.

  • Rifle section members need clear strapping tape as well.


The following items will be ordered by the school as a group: 


  • Warm ups - New students to the guard will need to purchase guard warm ups.  These will be used as the weather changes in the Fall and act as an alternate uniform; most commonly used as a group at competition awards retreats.  Warm ups will be charged to each students ASB account at the school.


The following items are recommended items:

  • Weapons Gloves (rifles and/or sabres) - Nude or Flesh colored Fingerless weapons gloves

    • Popular brands include FJM, Blade Runner, Style Plus.

    • Can be purchased online at the Bandshoppe, McCormick's Band Supply or Fred J. Miller Inc.

  • Weapons Equipment - These make great birthday or holiday gifts :)

    • Sabres - We use Excalibur Sabres that are 36 inches in length.  

    • Rifles - We use Elite Rifles that are 36 inches in length with black straps and black bolts.

      • Can be purchased online at the Bandshoppe, McCormick's Band Supply or Fred J. Miller Inc.