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BAND app

Join the BAND app as the official communication source for the

Mead High School Band Program!


Why BAND? (the app)


The BAND app combines the connectivity and privacy of Schoology with the functionality and familiar feel of Remind and Facebook.  It is also very intuitive and easy to access.


Do I really need to download ANOTHER app?

YES!  As technology evolves, we continue to seek the most efficient means of electronic communication.  The BAND app will be taking the place of Schoology for daily announcements and current information.  While the website and Facebook page will still be active, these are more used to celebrate the successes of our students and for overall information about our program.  In order to be connected with our program, you need to be connected with BAND.

How do I get connected to BAND?

  • Download the BAND app from your app store OR visit if you are not a mobile user.

  • Create and Account/Login

    • If you have used BAND for something else (dance, sports, etc.), you will need to log in. 

    • If you have not, you will need to create an account by hitting the ”sign up” button

    • PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU USE YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME ONLY (we need to be able to identify you in the app and nicknames, etc. make it difficult)

  • Once you have logged in, you will see a search bar at the top.

    • EVERYONE - Search for Mead Band & Guard News


  • Once you are in and approved, explore the app!  You will find the band calendar, as well as announcements for upcoming events.  MBCG folks, you will see some fun pictures from events that have already happened this year.  There is also a chat function which allows you to message teachers and other students. It’s really a great way to stay connected and communicate.

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