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Marching Band and Color Guard

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The Mead High School music program is proud of its longstanding tradition of excellence in every component of the program. The marching band is a huge part of that tradition and the recipient of numerous sweepstakes and caption awards throughout the Pacific Northwest and Western United States.

Marching band at Mead High School is one of the most exhilarating performing experiences you can be a part of.  The amazing performances and trips, the excitement of competition and the long-lasting friendships all create an unforgettable experience and memories that last a lifetime.

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The season typically begins with "retreat", or band camp, and two-a-day rehearsals.  Our retreat for the MHS Marching Band has been established to kick off the season with an introduction or re-familiarization to basic skills needed throughout the season and team-building through social activities.  Evening activities may include movie watching, karaoke singing, video games, and many others.  Retreat is commonly an overnight event and has historically been held on the campus of Mead HS.

Following our retreat we begin our two-a-day rehearsal week. These rehearsals will continue to develop fundamentals as well as introduce elements of the competitive show

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During our two-a-days the show starts to take shape.  This becomes a very important and exciting time for the group.  Much of their efforts begin to be realized through the story-telling of the show and group success.  Rehearsals are disciplined and hard work but are not without reward.  This investment in oneself to be the best you can be pays off through great performances, travel, pride and ownership.

When school officially begins just after Labor Day Weekend, after school rehearsals begin for the group. Rehearsals are usually 3 times per week after school as MBCG becomes much like a fall sport. These rehearsals take place on the campus of MHS and are typically 3pm to 6pm.  During September there are also 2 Saturday rehearsals that are held, one of which is our annual potluck and performance day at our very own Union Stadium.

Our contest portion of the season is throughout the month of October.  Our typical performance schedule includes three to four competitions throughout Washington and Oregon.

For a more detailed schedule please use our web calendar at

For more information about the Mead High School Marching Band contact:

Brandon Campbell -

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